It is an exclusive protection document granted to the inventor.


It is a legal term that describes the rights granted to innovators in respect of their literary and artistic works and covers a wide range of books, music, oil paintings, computer sculptures, databases, advertisements, geographical maps and technical drawings.


All that takes a distinctive form of names, words, signatures, letters, symbols, numbers, addresses, stamps, drawings, images, inscriptions, packaging, graphic elements, forms, color, color combinations or a combination thereof, Used or intended to be used to distinguish the goods or services of an enterprise from the goods or services of other enterprises or to indicate the performance of a service, or to conduct the inspection of goods or services.

Industrial Design

Is a collection of two-dimensional lines or colors, or a three-dimensional form that gives any industrial product or product of traditional crafts a special appearance, provided that it is not merely for a functional or technical purpose, including textile designs. The industrial design is protected by a protection document called “industrial design certificate”.

Integrated Circuits

An integrated circuit is a product in its final or intermediate form in which the elements, at least one of which is active, and some or all of the interconnections are integrally formed in or on a piece of material, and the purpose of this is to perform an electronic function.

Plant Varieties

A plant group from a single plant class, from the lowest known grades, which can be identified by expressing the characteristics of a given genetic structure or a particular set of genotypes, and distinguishing them from any other plant group by expressing at least one of the characteristics mentioned, and consider it as unit given its ability to reproduce without change.