SAIP Confines Geographical Indications in the Kingdom, in preparation for its registration

SAIP Confines Geographical Indications in the Kingdom, in preparation for its registration

According to the role that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays on building respect, creation and utilization of Intellectual Property, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) raise awareness of Intellectual Property including Geographic Indications.

Where SAIP aims to organize, support, sponsor, protect and promote intellectual property in Saudi Arabia in accordance with global best practices.

Geographical indications are defined as a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. Geographical indications differ in several types, namely, agricultural products, food products, handicrafts, and industrial products.

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property coordinated with the relevant national authorities to list a list of agricultural, food, handicrafts and national industrial products that could be registered as a geographical indication. It seeks to provide full protection for the national geographical indications, and to prevent the exploitation of unauthorized persons, for the popularity of local products that the regions of the kingdom are famous for as geographical indications that have a close association with their places of production, where the Kingdom is considered as its original geographical origin, in addition to preventing the imitation or misleading of consumers about the true source of these goods .

On its importance, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property indicated that the geographical indication enhances the competitiveness and marketing of these products in the markets.

It is worth noting that SAIP has invited all interested parties to express their opinion on the “project for the protection of geographical indications system” and to provide written comments or observations in this regard before the date of 2/12/1441 AH (23/07/2020), by sending it through the official mail of the authority saip@saip.gov.sa with the name of the person or organization providing the visualizations.

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