SAIP Launches an Intellectual Property Policy Guide to Empower Small and Medium Enterprises

SAIP Launches an Intellectual Property Policy Guide to Empower Small and Medium Enterprises

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property launched the Intellectual Property Policy Manual as a guiding document, as part of its endeavors to enable public research institutions, academic institutions, and small and medium enterprises to deal with major issues in intellectual property such as rights to use, disclosure, management, and marketing. in addition to avoid infringements of others ’rights, providing incentives to researchers, registration and protection policies To be a reference for the policies and procedures that support intellectual property when applied.

Engineer Sami bin Ali Al-Sudais, Executive Vice President of Intellectual Property Policies and Partnerships, said that the preparation of the new guide came from the role played by the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority, and it is among its objectives to improve the strategies, regulations and legislation related to intellectual property in the Kingdom and provide all forms of  support to ministries and agencies To invest and advance the fields of intellectual property according to the best international practices.

The policy aims to support and enable innovation, creativity and the economy based on intellectual property, raising awareness of national legislation and regulations related to enforcement and protecting the intellectual property rights of the entity, its employees and customers, and avoiding unintentional infringements on the intellectual property rights of others.

It is worth noting that the scope of the policy includes all areas of intellectual property, including but not limited to: patents, copyright and neighbouring rights, trademarks, new plant varieties, layout designs for integrated circuits, undisclosed commercial information and any other related topics that may enter Within the topics of intellectual property.

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