During its campaign #Own_your_Photo .. SAIP: Image infringement is a violation of rights and contrary to the system

During its campaign #Own_your_Photo .. SAIP: Image infringement is a violation of rights and contrary to the system

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property stated that the photographs are belong to its owner, and it is one of the original works protected under the provisions of the copyright protection law, where the owner owns the moral and financial rights to this work, and no one has the right to exploit or modify them without a written permission of the right holder in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.

The Authority affirmed that Article 22 of the Copyright Law provides penalties that may be imposed on anyone who violates the provisions of regulations and infringes protected works:
Where the Committee for the Consideration of Copyright Infringements may impose a financial penalty of not more than one hundred thousand riyals, it may also close the infringing facility or have contributed to the assault on the images for a period not exceeding two months, and to remove infringement and to defamation, in the manner that the committee deems appropriate, at the expense of the aggressor. In the case of repeated infringements of the same or other work, the maximum penalty may be doubled. If the Committee considers that the violation requires imprisonment or a fine exceeding 100,000 or require a cancellation of the license, it should refer the matter to the Board of Directors of SAIP for transmission to the competent judicial authority to impose such punishment. The Commission may decide on a financial compensation for the affected person commensurate with the scale of the assault and the damage caused to him.

SAIP called on the infringed pictures owners to submit the complaint request via email SAIP@SAIP.GOV.SA or through its Social Media Account @SAIPKSA , or to attend at the headquarters of the Authority and bring proof of infringement of their rights guaranteed by the system, to prove infringement, and to attach statements of the aggressor, whether natural or legal person, the owner of the picture or his representative under a power of attorney issued by the Notary Public must submit the complaint.

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