Yasser Al-Hakami, Spokesman of SAIP

Yasser Al-Hakami, Spokesman of SAIP

His Excellency the CEO of SAIP, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al-Suwailem, issued a decision assigning Mr. Yasser bin Ahmed Al-Hakami as the spokesman of SAIP.

This step comes to enhance the media and communication performance of SAIP, in order to achieve transparency. It will also contribute to facilitate access to information and data that are concerned with intellectual property.

Al-Hakami has various practical experiences in the media and corporate communication sectors as he worked in a number of radio and television media, in addition to a number of government agencies.

It is noteworthy that SAIP is concerned with regulating, supporting, developing, sponsoring, protecting, enforcing and upgrading the fields of intellectual property in the Kingdom, in accordance with international best practices, in coordination with the relevant authorities, and registering various intellectual properties, granting and enforcing protection documents, while providing information related to it and making it available to the public. .

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