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162 IP violations at the justice table

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property revealed that the Committee for the Consideration of Copyright Infringements recently received a number of cases related to infringement of authors’ rights and violations in the Copyright Protection Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 41) dated 02/07/1424 H, as amended by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (536) of 19/10/1440 H. The number of cases reached about 130 cases from different regions of the Kingdom until the issuance of this statement. The General [...]

During its campaign #Own_your_Drawing .. SAIP: Drawings are right to their owners forever

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property stated that drawings are belong to its owner, and it is one of the original works protected under the provisions of the copyright law, where the owner owns the moral and financial rights to his/her work, and no one has the right to exploit or modify them without a permission of the right holder in accordance with the provisions of the regulations which provides for the moral right, which shall never expire, whether the [...]