The Authority welcomes its employees and appreciates their return

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property held a celebration on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr at the headquarters of the Authority in Riyadh, in the presence of Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al Swailem, the Executive Chairman of the Authority. The employees exchanged congratulations on this occasion, asking Allah to sustain security and prosperity for our benevolent country. During the greeting ceremony, the Chairman of the Authority presented congratulations to the employees on Eid al-Fitr, Asking Allah to accept all their [...]

Request for Public Consultations Regarding “The Executive Rules for the Compulsory Licensing of Patents”

Based on the keenness of Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property to regulate, support, develop, sponsor, protect, enforce and upgrade intellectual property fields in the Kingdom in accordance with the best international practices, It is currently developing an executive rules for the compulsory licensing of patents, In accordance with its competence in proposing the laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights stipulated in the provisions of Article 3 of the organization of the Authority issued by the Council of [...]

Operational programmes of action between “Intellectual Property” and “Qiyas”

A memorandum of operational programmes of action was signed today between Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, represented by Eng. Sami AlSudais, Executive Vice President for Intellectual Property Policies and Partnerships, and the National Center for Assessment, represented by Dr. Abdullah Al-Qatei, deputy executive director of the center. The signing of the memorandum of operational programmes of action aims to raise awareness and respect of intellectual property rights by conducting a mandatory questionnaire about intellectual property, preparing a licensing test for [...]

Saudi-Korean agreement to build intellectual property capacity

Upon approval by the Council of Ministers of a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of intellectual property between the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property and the Korean Intellectual Property Office in the Republic of Korea, a series of executive programs were launched in the presence of HE Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Swailem, the Executive Chairman of the Authority, Korean Commissioner Park Wongo and Chairman of the Korean Intellectual Property Strategy Agency Kim Tae-man. The goal of these [...]

(I respect intellectual property rights) as a motto for the activities of Round 25 of the Professional League

The Saudi Professional League has concluded its preparations in cooperation with the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property to launch a series of intellectual property rights awareness-raising activities and messages to be held at the 25th round of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professional League under the slogan “I respect intellectual property rights” . In cooperation with the SPL Association, the Authority has prepared, through a joint team, several video and text messages, which will be displayed on the screens of [...]

Start receiving application ‘ Intellectual property Pioneers’ Program

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property has announced the start of receiving applications for those wishing to join ,Intellectual property Pioneers’ Program Which aims to develop fresh graduates from local and international universities in order to invest in the national talents and train them in a practical environment to enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and compete in the labor market. The Authority said in a statement on its official website that the registration began on Sunday, [...]

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) participates in the Riyadh International Book Fair for the first time

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) participated in the 2019 Riyadh International Book Fair for the first time since its establishment, during the period from 6 to 16-7-1440 (13 to 23 March 2019). The Authority’s participation is to enhance the intellectual property awareness through workshops and booth during the days of the fair, and explaining to the visitors with the role of the Authority and its functions and the history and future of intellectual property, as well as an explanation [...]

Intellectual Property Informational Meeting for Publishing Houses and People Interested in Copyright

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) is organizing an informational meeting to introduce SAIP’s role and activities as well as current and future orientations to protect intellectual property in KSA. A workshop will be held in Crowne Plaza Hotel with the participation of several publishing houses in KSA and people interested in copyright. SAIP called publishing houses and people interested in copyright to register on the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/NJWTlnpxbofZuGLC2 SAIP is currently studying the development of Intellectual Property laws and has [...]

H.E. Dr. Al Qassabi Headed the 7th Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property

His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qassabi, headed the 7th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property. His excellency and the members of the board have been briefed during the meeting on SAIP’s work and initiatives as well as upcoming initiatives and objectives. Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property Dr. Abdulaziz Alswailem had reviewed SAIP’s yearly report that includes SAIP’s initiatives and KPIs and [...]

SAIP Indicates Intellectual Property Protection Terms in KSA

Through its Official Website saip.gov.sa, SAIP clarified the intellectual property protection terms in KSA. SAIP assured that patent protection term is 20 years from the filing date, whereas the protection term for trademarks is 10 years and it is renewable. Copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus an additional 50 years. Industrial design certificate lasts for 10 years from the filing date as well as layout design for integrated circuits. While plant varieties protection term is 20 [...]