About SAIP

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property aims to organize, support, sponsor, protect and promote intellectual property in the Kingdom in accordance with global best practices. It has the following tasks and competencies in order to achieve its objectives:


  1. Preparing the national strategy for intellectual property, following up on its implementation, after its adoption, and developing work plans and time programs in coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  2. Proposing rules and regulations relating to intellectual property rights.
  3. Registration of intellectual property rights, granting and enforcement of protection documents.
  4. Providing information of intellectual property rights and make them available to the public.
  5. Raising awareness of the importance of intellectual property and the protection of its rights.
  6. Representing the Kingdom in international and regional organizations related to intellectual property rights and defend its interests.
  7. To express an opinion on international agreements relating to intellectual property rights.
  8. Following up the implementation of the obligations resulting from the accession of the Kingdom to international conventions relating to intellectual property.
  9. Promoting the use of intellectual property to build an advanced economy based on knowledge.
  10. Establishing information bases in the field of the Authority’s work, and exchanging information with local, regional and international authorities.
  11. Licensing of related activities in the field of the authority’s work.


To be an integrated intellectual property authority with a global perspective and a leading intellectual property moderator in the MENA region.

Strategic Goals

  • Improving Intellectual Property strategies, regulations and legislation.
  • Raising the customer’s level of focus, attractiveness and quality of products and services
  • Contributing to the empowerment and exploitation of intellectual property rights
  • Promoting respect of intellectual property rights


Promoting the competitiveness of the national economy, supporting the growth of the intellectual property culture in Saudi Arabia, and highlighting the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property as the main intellectual property center in the MENA region.

Core Business

Organizing intellectual property fields in the Kingdom

  • Managing Intellectual Property Operations
  • Provision of intellectual property services.
  • Generation and use of intellectual property rights.
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights.