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Requirements for obtaining an agent license to provide IP services on behalf of others before the Authority

  1. Be a Saudi national.
  2. Have full capacity.
  3. Be a KSA resident.
  4. Not an employee of a government agency.
  5. Never been sentenced to a punishment or penalty for a crime against honor or breach of trust, unless rehabilitated.
  6. Hold a minimum of bachelor's degree in law and regulations, science, engineering, or any other major accepted by the Authority from a Saudi university or equivalent, in accordance with the regulations and rules in force in the Kingdom that organize university degrees.
  7. Hold a professional verification certificate issued by the Authority.
  8. Pay the financial consideration prescribed for licensing.


The following are excepted from the professional verification certificate requirement: 

a.    Lawyers licensed to practice the law by the competent authority, with professional experience in the field of intellectual property for a period of no less than two years from the date of obtaining a license for law practice.
b.    Evaluators of protection applications with a previous work experience of at least two years in the field of evaluation.
c.    Holders of postgraduate degrees in intellectual property, with at least one year of experience in the field of intellectual property.